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About Modest Undershirts

Armed with your Jocole undershirts, the fashion opportunities are endless!  Jocole undershirts provides plenty of options while adding a touch of class, style and fun to your entire wardrobe.  Live in Jocole.  Layer it on because they'll mix and match with many of the clothing styles you already own!

Crop Tops:  Cover your tummy with any of our extra long undershirts that you can tuck in or leave out for extended coverage.  Perfect for the layered look and with these fashionable colors, the only thing you'll be showing off is your personality.

Layering: Jocole undershirts provide plenty of options for layering.  Meant to be lived in and layered on.  Layer Wide Strap Tanks on Cap-Sleeve Tees or mix and match them with any clothing style you already own.

Low Scoop Armholes:  The comfortable, yet fitted sleeve on your Cap-Sleeve Tee provides perfect coverage in your underarm area.

Low-Rise Jean:  Bend over with confidence, because with your Jocole undershirts on, you'll be assured that your lower back will be covered.  Jocole undershirts add inches and show off nothing but color.

Low Necklines:  Keep your cleavage in check with our slightly higher than average necklines.  Both styles on undershirts are cut just high enough to keep you covered while still maintaining a fashionable look.

Wide Shoulders:  Our snug-fitted undershirts bring in the neckline and are a perfect compliment to this seasons fashions.  Layer them under boatneck shirts and sweaters so you can start wearing all the styles you want with confidence.

Sheer Fashions:  Wear sheer shirts with class by properly covering your undergarments.

Maternity:  Jocole undershirts are perfect for expectant mothers.  The slight, yet supportive stretch and extra length compliment all stages of pregnancy.  During your first few months, wear your Jocole undershirts in your usual size to extend your current wardrobe and cover your expanding belly.  Later on, pair a Jocole undershirt with your maternity fashions and be assured that you'll have enough length to cover your growing belly and then some.

About Jocole Undershirts ...

Today's clothing styles are getting lower and lower and higher and higher cut in all the wrong places.  Parents and teenagers alike are increasingly frustrated that they are unable to find clothes that they both approve of.

With this challenge in mind, Jocole was formed in July 2005 by Jodi Jean Baird with the support of her sisters.  We don't believe that you have to choose between dressing modestly and dressing fashionably.  Our stated mission is: "To provide high quality, fashionable clothing solutions that allows girls of all ages to be modest AND in style."

How we dress is an expression of who we are.  Each girl has her own distinct style.  Our products empower girls to express themselves by choosing the clothes that they love AND still be modest.

Jocole's premier product, the Cap-Sleeve Tee, enables girls of all ages to wear the latest fashions or the clothes that they own and love, and not compromise their dress standards.  We hope that this product will help shopping be a more pleasant experience for girls and parents alike!

We plan to continue introducing products that help us fulfill our mission of providing high quality modesty solutions.  If you have a product you'd like to see on our website, please contact us and we'll see what we can do!