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About Tyvek

Tyvek offers all the best characteristics of paper, film and fabric in one material.  The raw materials for Tyvek include recyled plastic milk jugs, providing an excellent reuse of post-consumer materials.

Tyvek is considerably lighter than other materials, yet considerably stronger.  Incredibly water- and moisture-resistant.  Liquids simply run off it's smooth surface, keeping the contents perfecctly dry.  Tyvek is unaffected by moisture, common acids or bases, which makes it ideal for long-term storage and archival purposes.

Tyvek is puncture- and rip-resistant, which allows it to stand up to rough handling that it might be subjected to.  That's nice to know when you've got something important inside.

Tyvek starts out as bright and silky smooth.  It has a distinctive look and feel that instantly sets it apart.  The exceptional whiteness of Tyvek enhances images, which makes printing images and designs on it beautiful.  We only use 100% waterproof archival pigment ink, so rest assured, your image or design will stay put.

Care for your Tyvek creations:  Spot clean with a damp cloth and let air dry.  Never, EVER, iron anything made with Tyvek.